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Photo of Kirsten smiling in her garden

Kirsten's story

Kirsten lives with her partner in Brighton and spends as much time as possible outdoors. You will find her in the garden that she shares with the local wildlife, exploring nature on the South Downs or embracing the sea air. Gardening helps to keep her healthy both mentally and physically, as do yoga, meditation and strength training. 

The thread running through Kirsten's career is people. From her early days as a teacher to her most recent role as a transformation coach and menopause consultant, her passion and focus has been on supporting people to be themselves, find their purpose and achieve their goals. 


As she moved through midlife, and into perimenopause, Kirsten began to reassess her own work-life balance, her values and her purpose. She was experiencing a lot of anxiety and loss of confidence which was impacting on her life and work and soon realised that she needed to make lifestyle and behaviour changes to be well and happy. 


She introduced regular yoga and meditation practice into her life, spent more time outdoors and reduced her work hours. She also sought out the support of a coach who partnered with her on a transformational journey. A journey that started with a desire to simply change jobs and ended with the realisation that she was looking for a complete life change that would offer her flexibility and freedom to focus on her wellbeing, pursue her passions and be true to her values.

The life changing decision to start her own business didn't come lightly, but brings Kirsten back to the passions that bring her joy - people, nature and wellness.  


Kirsten's ambition is to merge her passion for the outdoors, nature and gardening with her coaching practice.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities and collaborations. Let's connect.

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